Cuerpo Nacional de Policia / Spanish National Police

King Ferdinand VII established in 1824 the Kingdom´s General Police, structured physically on the equivalent existing model of Police Stations.
Nowadays we are a civilian police force under the umbrella of the Ministry of Interior.
As a civilian security focused national protection institute with both, intelligence and law enforcement responsibilities, the mission of the National Police is to serve Spain and its population and to protect them from criminal acts, terrorist attacks, both internal and foreign threats, and to sustain and enforce State criminal laws, as well as to provide leadership and services to state, regional, local, and international agencies and stakeholders.

Main Tasks
1. Safeguard Spain from terrorist aggression.
2. Protect Spain from organized crime, drug related crimes, financial and white-collar crimes.
3. Shield Spain against cyber-based attacks and technological crimes.
4. Battle corruption at all levels.
5. Defend inhabitant´s rights.
6. Fight transnational and national criminal organizations.
7. Support state, regional, local and international stakeholders.
8. Fight domestic violence and protect vulnerable population and minorities.
9. Organize immigration to channel it in sustainable migration flows able to house into society.
10. Cooperate and feed International Organizations for peacebuilding and humanitarian matters.
11. Handling crowd riot control, demonstrations and sports events.

Staff and Leadership
The National Police employs up to 70.000 officers as well as support staff, in a wide range of professional occupations such as scientists, public administration technicians, and technology experts.

We work largely in Spain, in every urban area with a minimum of 30.000 inhabitants, ports, and border areas. Internationally, we are present all over the globe, at Embassies, International Organizations and Peace Keeping Operations.