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The Guarda Nacional Republicana

The Guarda Nacional Republicana, whose origins date back to 1801, at which time the Guarda Real de Policia (Royal Police Guard) was created, is a Security Force constituted by military elements that are organized in a Special Body of Troops, which actively and permanently veil for legal democracy, protecting internal security and citizens rights, under the national security and protection systems, as well as supporting the implementation of national defence policy.

Challenged to be a growingly human, neighbourly and accountable Security Force, distinguished by the excellence of its work and recognized as a national and international reference, the GNR has been contributing towards peace in several Civilian Crisis Management Operations, in more than 15 countries, from Africa, to the American and Asian continents, daily embracing, from its own heritage, one of the strongest EUPST lines of action: “Training policemen and women, preparing them for crisis management operations.