‘A EUPST II course at the Tulliallan Castle, Scottish Police College, Police Scotland’

From Sunday 23rd until Friday 28th April 2017 the European Union Police Services Training (EUPST II) Programme together with Strategic Expertise International (SEI), Police Scotland, the Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR), and the Stabilisation Unit (UK) organized the five-day course Community Policing in Fragile and Conflicted Affected States (FCAS). The overall objective of the course was to increase the participant knowledge of the connected issues and build the capabilities, understanding and skills required for effectively policing with communities in FCAS. Because of the previous good experiences from participants in the past the UK Government’s Stabilisation Unit asked the EUPST II Programme Office if it was possible to organize the course again in 2017. The Programme Office approved that request.
I, as the representative of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (RNLM), travelled on Sunday the 23rd from Amsterdam to Edinburgh. At the Airport Patrick awaited me and together with other participants we were brought to the impressive Tulliallan Castle at the Scottish Police College. After arriving we were directly taken care by our host Shaun. Shaun gave us a welcoming guided tour around the College and showed us our rooms. This was characteristic for the rest of the course. The course was very well organized and the organizers really took care of the participants, from a to z.
Participants of the course represented a variety of (police) organizations and countries. Present were Norway, Romania, Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, Finland, Estonia, Georgia, UK, Poland, Netherlands and Malawi. Altogether an international community with various backgrounds, knowledge and experiences with working in FCAS.
The five-day course, by inspiring guidance of Maureen, Georgina and Sean, consisted of a continued mixture of theoretical and practical presentations, case studies, different group exercises, field trips and, of course, some (Scottish) cultural moments! All subjects were related to ‘Policing with Communities in FCAS’ and were about Monitoring, Mentoring, Advising & Training (MMA&T), lessons identified, negotiations, stakeholders in the community, gender and diversity etc.
The variety of the program, speakers (theoretical and from the field), subjects and participants gave this course for me (and I know for sure also for the other participants) a really added value and a depth understanding of ‘Policing with Communities in FCAS’ from a theoretical but most at all a practical sight of view.
For me, a background in specialized military police work in FCAS and not in Community Policing, the course gave me a solid base and background in Community Policing for the future.
I enjoyed the hospitality of the organizers, good conversations with the participants about different subject and the created atmosphere where learning, sharing and networking was possible.
Maureen, Georgina, Shaun, Rebecca, Patrick, speakers, participants and all the others; thank you again for everything and especially for learning from each other for better policing with communities in Fragile and Conflict Affected States! I hope this course will get a succession in the future.

OF-3 Kim Moerman
Head of Exercise Department, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

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