Italian Carabinieri will organize the EUPST 2015-2018 Italian session from 19th to 30th of September 2016, in Vicenza, at the Center of Excellence for Police Stability Units (CoESPU).

The Comprehensive Live Exercise will aim to build the capacity of individual police officers and police units to take part in international missions and projects with two main mission mandates:
– MMA&T (Mentoring, Monitoring, Advising and Training) and;
– missions with an Executive mandate.
The training audience will consist of approximately 200 police officers and gendarmes. The training audience should consist of a balanced mix of police officers or gendarmes from EU member states police services. Gender balance has to be taken into utmost account.
Up to 20% of the trainees should come from non-EU member states police services.

A reasonable deployment rate of the training audience in future peace support operation, in the respect of the sovereign competencies of the Sending Countries, is expected, hence in the selection of the training audience an effort will be done in the view of favoring the higher possible deployment rate of the participants. The session intends to address all those who would indeed benefit from such a comprehensive exercise in the view of their possible employment in peace support-related fields (in-country training/support or effective deployment in PSOs).
Moreover, the European Union strives for improved gender balance in EUPST session in compliance.

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