Today saw the start of Exercise Lowlands Grenade 2016 (LLGN16). The Commander of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, Lieutenant General Harry van den Brink, gave the starting signal for this international RNLM exercise.

The exercise will take place from 4 to 15 April 2016 at a training location in Weeze, Germany. The mock village has been transformed into the fictitious town of Transfalia, an unstable place with a dysfunctional police service, two feuding families and a failing economy as its main ingredients.
The simulated police training mission sees multiple storylines come together. In this simulation, officers from the RNLM, gendarmerie and police units carry out social policing and police training. During the session, the focus is on Monitoring, Mentoring, Advising and Training (MMA&T) and making and maintaining contact with the public in order to acquire information.
Apart from mentoring and training, cooperation with foreign partners is a learning objective in its own right. Lowlands Grenade 2016 mobilises a colourful array of (military) police and gendarmerie units, West European counterparts among them, but also more exotic parties from countries such as Burkina Faso and Cameroon. In the first week of the exercise, the units will train all applicable sub-aspects of the 72-hour scenario. They must learn to work together in what is known as a training carrousel.

Almost 600 participants will take part in LLGN16. This includes the entire exercise organisation, 210 training audience members, 70 trainers and 150 extras. Exercise Lowlands Grenade 2016 is the first in a series of five major exercises taking place under the flag of European Police Services Training (EUPST). The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is chair of the EUPST II consortium and also responsible for the organisation of LLGN16.

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