On Wednesday 18 November, the Principal Director of General Policy Affairs, Wim Bargerbos, took care of the formal kick-off of EUPST ll (European Union Police Services Training). The kick-off took place during the ENTRi (European New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management) and EUPST conference.

EUPST and ENTRi are two projects funded by the European Commission. Since September 2015, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (RNLM) has been chair of the EUPST ll consortium, which is for a three-year period. ENTRi is a consortium partner.

The conference title is: interoperability between police and civilian training for deployment in missions and operations. During the conference, civilian and police trainers involved in training and instruction for missions and operations are brought together.

They will discuss the future of civilian and police missions and the cooperation of civilian and police trainers and training institutes, with the aim of drawing up recommendations to improve the preparation and deployment of both civilian experts and the police.

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